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E! Weekend.

So this weekend has been an Extremely.Exhausting.Entertaining weekend. Hence, the title.

I have spent more time in my car than I have my bed, and that is saying something.
Friday I worked til 5, then got ready for a night out with Kathleen and Jeremy. I would explain what happened, but there are no words. :)

Saturday I had an eyebrow appt and was forgotten about. Had to drive across town to find someone to do it. Thank you Jamie.
Next, was shopping with mi madre.  I spent 90 dollars in Borders. Me almost falling over from the weightload of books, I told my mother: We have got to get out of here before I buy anything else.

After a stop at Ulta Beauty and Walgreens, I went home to take a barely-awake nap for an hour.
Even more tired, I left to go on I-20 once again. Had Mexican & witty convo with Jeremy and Kathleen.

Once again, exhausted.

Sunday: Woke up, got ready and headed to take pictures with the ALUMNI Hi-Steppers!
Here are some pictures for you loyal readers:

Bridget, Kristin and Me

Kasey and I

The group: Me, Kasey, Kristin & Shannon

Me and Kristin (love this one)

Now I am patiently waiting for the Kardashians to come on at 9.
On E! <--See how this blog & title comes full circle? :)

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