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First post of many, I'm sure.

So here goes my first blog post...
I chose the title of my blog because I thought it was witty.
"Once a Blogsmaid, Never a blogger..." is just a preview of me.
I am single. Have been for 22 years of my life.
All of my relationships have added up to only one year wasted. Not bad.

I am a recent graduate of USM and I am trying to find my "post-grad" life.
I have also become very "naturized" all of a sudden.

This is me - on a boat - which is a big step in my life.
I used to not do outdoorsy things,
and you def would not have seen me in a lake.
Swimming or driving a boat, but I've changed.

I am becoming more adventurous.
Variety is the spice of life so....
I guess you could call me Cassice (myspicename).

I hope you enjoyed this random first post.
I know I did. :)

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