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3 years ago & today.

I miss ROME.

I'm not sure if this was taken in Rome, but I'll go there too.
This week is 3 years since I have been to Florence & Rome, Italy.
I saw the Pope, the Sistine Chapel and many other wonderful sights.
I bought 2 Prada purses in a back alley and ate gelato for the first time.

I found some pictures today that really made me fall back into my "i-want-to-go-back-right-now" feeling:

Don't they make you wanna go to Italy? :)

Now back in the U.S.A., I am traveling tomorrow.
To Monroe, LA.
I am going to see my bff, Cupit.
I have missed her and I can't wait to travel to a city I've never been.
On the agenda is mani/pedi's for me and a tour at ULM.
Ahh, can't wait!

This a picture of what we are gonna do:

haHA, not really. but its a very cute picture. Don't you agree?

Well, I'm off to pack.
I'll be in another state in 24 hours. Eeek. :)

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