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“go be that starving artist you’re afraid to be. open up that journal and get poetic finally. volunteer. suck it up and travel. you were not born here to work and pay taxes. you were put here to be part of a vast organism, to explore and create. stop putting it off. the world has much more to offer than what’s on 15 televisions at tgi fridays. take pictures. scare people. shake up the scene. be the change you want to see in the world. you’ll thank yourself for it.”
- jason mraz :)

On to my daily thoughts:

I have eaten ENTIRELY TOO MUCH FOOD over this thanksgiving break I got from work. 2 days off work and I start eating like I was never fed as a child. Re-diculous.

Wanna know what I ate too much of? Dressing, potato salad, and deviled eggs. They are my favorite holiday foods. I told my dad Thanksgiving morning, “if granny didn’t make deviled eggs, I’m not going.” So people, its serious.

While reading other people’s blogs, I have come to the realization that I am not the only one who misses European countries & cities that have been visited. I click on interesting girls’ blogs and am amazed at how much I have in common with someone on the other side of the U.S.

Not only do I miss Rome, but I just have the urge to travel. To Greece (since I just watched My Life in Ruins); to San Francisco/LA, to New Orleans (still have never been only though its just a few hours away); and I also want to go to New York (mostly to visit the new DASH store, but to also see Wicked). I have recently started a new job, officially hired 2 weeks ago!, so I cannot be traveling the world like I want to. I have a responsibility of working 40 hours a week, haven’t even gotten my first paycheck yet, and I have no leave hours accrued yet….so all of these traveling dreams will just have to be put on hold………for now.

Since I cannot travel in the near future, I’ve been thinking lately of becoming a more rounded person, hobby wise. I either need a second job, start taking a dance class, photography classes, something. Something I look forward to learning more about…I would even like to know how to write better….maybe one day write a book? Could definitely be interesting…

These are just some ideas that are floating around in this head of mine…considering I don’t do hardly anything at work…leaves a lot of time to daydream.

I went to see Burlesque last night and thought it was PHENOMENAL. Seriously. I will admit, I have always been a Britney fan more than a Christina, but her role in that movie made me a believer in the fact that she can SING, really sing. Its kind of ridiculous how good she is. And her love interest in the film, Cam/Jack as he is known in the movie..is DELICIOUS. I have had a thing for him since Never Back Down, I don’t care if he was the bad guy. ;)

I know what I like, and now I need to go out and pursue those interests.

Until next time,

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