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I am so glad I got to spend time with my bff, Cupit, this past weekend in Monroe, LA.
You know those friendships where you just know that whatever you say will make the other one laugh; where you can be apart for months on end and when you get back to that person its like you never left?; just a kind of easy, completely comfortable type of friendship....thats what I have in Cupit.

I have missed her BIG TIME.
When I got there friday night: we rode around, went to eat at El Chico, had a margarita and went back home and slept (cause we're old).
Saturday: Cupit made cinnamon rolls for breakfast, went shopping/got a manicure, had lunch at a cute lil' ice cream shop called the Creamery, more shopping; watched MORNING GLORY for the 2nd time!; and then got Mcdonalds and went back to her apartment.
Sunday: woke up, got ready and went back to the mall for MORE shopping.
My bank account doesn't look to hot now. ;)

I enjoyed every minute I spent in LA, and I hated to see the weekend go by so fast.
Miss you already Cupit, now dominate those Grad school finals and come out with A's...like i know you will.

Your best friend,

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