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My Life Lately...

Hello all you faithful readers...
I am glad you came back and visited me once more.

I feel that I should update you on my life since that is the title of the post.
 First of all, I forgot to mention that I went to see a play at my community college I went to back in the day.

The play was called "The Shadow Box" and Taylor (a.k.a. Maggie) was a phenomenal actress. Seriously she made me cry....don't believe me?

Here's proof:

After going to that play, I began to realize how short life really is.  If you have beef with someone, squash it. Life is to short to be anything but happy. Seriously.

Next up, which I know yall are dyinggg to know about was my weekend.
I had so much fun, even though I never found a cream-ish tan purse. :(
I spend the weekend with Colleen and Lila in Laurel. Friday night we went to eat once I got there, bought <2.00 ice cream and made a walmart run to all buy matching gloves and hats.

Jewelmasters (free goody bags)
A ring I bought at Turkoyz.
New SHOES at fetish!
Jeggings at Kohls.
and once again, I repeat, NO PURSE.
Hattiesburg was where all this shopping went down.
Lunch occured at Newks and Dinner at Rio grande (my 2 favorite things).

Then we went back to Laurel and made WHITE CHOCOLATE covered strawberries and pretzels and then we watched KILLERS. Best Saturday Eva.

Sunday was bittersweet, knowing the weekend was pretty much over.
We went to church, Mcalisters, & the SAINTS beat the Carolina Panthers.
Pretty sure that football team is a big joke.

Me and Colleen:

And then you know I had to get a picture with Lila:

I told her this picture was going on my blog. I also loved how she laughed every time I said I was getting "really into fashion".  Also, I told her she will be making a blog soon.
She doesn't know I'm half psychic, so its probably gonna happen soon.

I hope you all enjoyed this super long post.
I am going to see MORNING GLORY tomorrow night!!
I am BEYOND excited.


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