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Back to December...

Yes, this picture is correct.
I've been at the beach (for one night).
Don't believe me?

Told ya.
Sorry for looking so rough, but it was coldddd.
I had an absolute blast in Gulf Shores, AL.
I got 2 Coach purses, an Auburn shirt sold to me by a very cute guy, and the KARDASHIAN book.....FINALLY!!! Whoo hoo!
I also got some dvd's from tjmaxx for less than 5 dollars (cause I'm addicted to movies under 5 dollars).
Got the VS runway show bag for $20 dollars less than the actual price. Its just been a good 2 days my friends. really good.

Update on the month of December since its almost over. Here are some pics:

Cupcake asleep.

Christmaslightlookin for our 3rd year in a row. :)

Aubree's birthday/dressing up as Who's from The Grinch.

and I finally saw "How do you Know" last night.

Dear 2010,
You were pretty great.
I'm not gonna pretend you weren't. But 2011 is gonna be better. I will have a job, a new phone and countless opportunites to live, laugh and love.
Bring it on 2011.


Oh yeah: if this isn't enough of an update on my life, please feel free to add me on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150352380260648&set=a.239034780647.296552.737510647&ref=nf#!/profile.php?id=1290450086

Hope to hear from each one of you soon.soon.soon. :)

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