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Cheers to the freakin' weekend....

Well, I am back from another LOVELY weekend.
I officially believe laurel is now my second home.
Colleen's family always makes me feel right at home and between her and Lila, I just feel like a 3rd sister, weird/picky food eater and such.

The ornament swap was a success.  In other words, VERY fun.
I met a few new people and got to catch up with old friends.
Mexican/margaritas on friday night was a blast.
Saturday ornament swap/shopping in the rain = Memorable.
Sunday was church and a christmas movie I had never seen.
Came home & the Saints WON.
Freaked a little about paying back loan stuff....
Now time to start my workweek again.

Pictures from this weekend will be posted later. Ya know, when I get around to it.

But I am ready to go somewhere out of town again...

Until next time,

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