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Its Wednesday.
Which means we are halfway through the week everyone.

Tried to upload new songs onto my ipod tonight, didn't happen.
Mostly because I am gonna have to start paying Itunes instead of my other route. Bummer.
Oh well, I have a couple dollars to give to Apple.

When I do decide to give my hard-earned money to Mac's daddy, I will be creating a playlist for my workout sessions.
Ya know, since I'm joining a gym tomorrow. Seems only right.

I told my friend Lila I would let the blog world know which songs I choose; but considering I am not getting on Itunes tonight...neither will that list.

I'm gonna admit something: my eating habits are not that great.
I had Wendy's last night for dinner & my mom made hamburgers and french fries for dinner tonight anddd of course I ate it all. I should be eating the size in this picture above.
(At this rate I will be on the next season of MTV's I used to be fat).

I need to learn how to live in each moment.
I keep waiting for the weekends to really live. and thats not right.
Work is just so mundane and not very exciting.
I enjoy the people I work with though. Everything is pro/con, I guess.

I need to enjoy NOW.
Cause you never know when NOW is gone.
You can't ever get your minutes back, so enjoy each one.

Until next time,

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