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A new year always means a fresh start.
I don't know about you guys but since January 1st, I have not felt 100%. I think the holidays made me lazy, which is understandable considering we are supposed to RELAX at Christmas and New Year's.
I wake up every morning just wanting to stay in bed, and when I get to work I yawn all day...even after 2 cokes. I want to be able to say this year is the best one, but thats not gonna happen if i'm lacking oxygen to my brain.

This blog post is not intended for me to write a big, long list of what I want to accomplish in 2011. Even though I love making lists and marking things off, I don't think this year I'm gonna go that route.
Because honestly, if that was working then I'd already have accomplished a million things by now (losing weight, etc).

I need to say what I am really feeling right now.
I want to make this blog more interesting as the days go by. I plan on doing a recap every week of my life for the next 52 weeks.
An entire year of having just a summary of what I was up to those 7 days. If i didn't do anything but work and sleep, i'll write it. OR if i have a ridiculously fun time, i'll document that too.

I think I will keep my NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS to myself for now.
Maybe if all I do next week is work and sleep, I'll make a list in week 2. :)

I found a new blog today: La Petite Fashionista. Pretty cute blog. Found this pic on it:

I love everything about this picture. Don't you?

Until next time,

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