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week FOUR.

I hope these weekly numbered posts aren't boring the crap out of you.
But I think this is gonna be a great way to look back on Dec. 31, 2011 and know what I did. Instead of saying: what did i even do this past year...anything?

So......Guess what I did this week?!
  • I joined a gym. Yes, a real - legit- 65 dollars a month - televisions on each treadmill - gym. Beyond ready to get my fitness in line with other 23 year olds.
  • I helped my sister cook a meal (I don't know how to cook) and we made a pasta with green beans. De-lish.
  • ran/walked outside at the Park saturday because it was absolutley BEAUTIFUL outside.
  • went to church on thursday night, much needed.

I'm ready for this weekend. Going to Monroe again to visit my bff, Cupit. [top square in picture]
Oh, and sunday is the SUPERBOWL. Don't really care who wins, but I do love watching some football. I will be going for the Steelers, mostly because my sister just introduced me to the song: blackandyellow, blackandyellow :)

Oh and I'll be wearing my USM jersey to rep the colors.

Until next time,

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