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week TWO.

Week 2 has been more interesting than week 1.
We had some winter ice storm blow through here on Sunday afternoon, so Monday I did not have to be at work til 12 in the afternoon.
Work has been pretty busy this week.

Monday Night Football was edge-of-my-seat exciting.
AUBURN beat OREGON. by a field goal.
AUBURN is the National Champions!
If you can't tell, I love AUBURN :)

P.S. this is what we do when they cut to commercials and when the other team is on offense: facebook.

I finally tried THE GREEN MONSTER.
and I'm going to be honest, it was okay.
Definitely not my favorite smoothie.
Maybe I made it wrong.

I made the smoothie on Tuesday night.
The Hitcher was finally watched on Wednesday night.
My books from Lila came in on Thursday & of course, Jersey Shore.

and then came...BIRTHDAY DINNERS:



Even though both of those dinners lasted over 2 and a 1/2 hours, I thoroughly enjoyed my time spend with all my friends.
I would be lost without them, truly.

Until next time blog world,

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