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Gettin' serious.

Dear Blogger Friends,
If you are reading this, I need some advice.

What healthy things do you guys like to eat?
I have never been a fan of yogurt, avocados or anything that even resembles mayo (that includes cottage cheese).

I am a very plain girl.
For example: my subway sandwiches consist of turkey, american cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, lots of pickles and regular mustard.  [this past weekend i even got a little crazy and put cucumbers on it with the tomatoes].

So see? I do not have adventurous tastebuds.
I know what I like and thats what I eat.

However, i need to make some changes.
Starting with what I eat.

Help a sister out, would ya? :)

1 comment:

  1. broccoli, chicken, whole wheat everything, spinach instead of lettuce on subs, fruit, hummas, fish, etc.

    Your sub is a lot more than I get.. im so picky about toppings its crazy. I always get the oven roasted chicken on wheat, with moz cheese, orageno, s&p, and spinach. thats it :)

    just start trying things.. if you watch rhony - bethenny f has awesome cook books about how to just use heathly and natural foods.. i love it! Skinny girl dish


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