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Guess what? I'm gonna start a series...

No, not a television series.
But a series of posts. like Laura Marie does over on her blog. :)

My series will be called Things I wanna learn about ________.
So here goes nothin...
Things I wanna learn about FASHION.
I read about "fashion" all day at work every week.
I get whowhatwear.com and Rachel zoe emailed to me on my blackberry.
I check out blogs such as Cupcakes and Cashmere and From Ainsley, With Love...
But there is still so much I do not know.
And more importantly, I do not know how to incorporate it into my own wardrobe.

I'm what you call a "boring" dresser.
I wear the same 5 outfits to work every week.
Why you ask? Well, mostly its because every time I go into a store, I have no desire to shop.
I also hate trying things on; ya know, cause I'm not a size 4.
I keep telling myself, "just wait til you lose weight and then get some new clothes"
But friends if i wait to do that, I might never get a new shirt.

I also am not a 'heels' gal.
I am much happier in flip-flops, but those aren't work appropriate.
So I'm caught in a dilemma.
Because I don't think I'll ever be as chic as Olivia Palermo.

Or have her legs. Killer ones.
If your reading this and have any advice whatsoever...
please feel free to leave a comment.
I would love to hear it.

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