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I love books.
I have not always been a fan, but let me tell you: once I find a good one, I can hardly put it down.
I am highly considering buying JWOWW's guide to dating in the near future.
Mostly because I love the show, I love her style and I just bought her tanning lotion. [which still hasn't arrived yet].

On a completely different note, I just read online that they have arrested the man that poisoned the 130-year-old trees on Auburn's campus.
I hope he rots underneath the jail just like he is making those trees rot. I hate stupid people who do things out of spite. I mean sorry your an Alabama fan, they won the national championship the year before. Get over it.
And while in prison, don't drop the soap or do.  You killed nature son.

I am sooooo glad I am getting out of town in a few hours.
Once my workday ends I am headed to Monroe.
The Roommate with the old roomie, mexican nights, running around her grad school campus in the mornings, and major shopping....yes, please.

Maybe I'll come back with new clothes to wear to work? hahahaHA, oh i crack myself up.

Oh, and all you blog friends of mine: i would love to start bbm'ing with you if you have a blackberry.
Comment me and let me know and I'll send you my bbm pin #. I heart bbm, if you couldn't tell.

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