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week EIGHT.

I am going to stop this whole week NUMBER thing.
It is getting boring and kind of ridiculous to keep up with.
If something great happens, I'll record it but I know you don't care when I went to the gym or what I ate for dinner.

Anyways, on to more important things like how much the Oscars SUCKED.
The only person I wanted to see win an award was Natalie Portman and after wasting 3 hours of my life, she got what she greatly deserved. Other than that, it was a huge snore-fest.

I have never been a big award show person. Come to think of it, this is the first year I've watched the Academy Awards, the Golden Globes, and the Grammy's. Which is a big step for me..and last night I was reminded why I always ended up watching something else.
Oh well, no need to dwell on it anymore.

I bought 2 books on Saturday that I cannot wait to read:


I am a little obsessed with Jwoww. I even got her tanning lotion this past week.

Time to get my GTL on, my friends. :)

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