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week SEVEN.

Week 7 was wonderful.
Mostly because work went smoothly, 2 of my 3 amazon orders came in & I had an extended weekend because yesterday was a holiday.

I spent Friday - Monday in Monroe, LA spending quality time with my old roomie, Cupit.
I love my friendship with her, everytime we hang out its like we are right back to where we were months ago living in Hattiesburg.

Friday night we had mexican/margs.
Saturday was full of errands/shopping/The Roommate/subway/Japanese dinner/SVU Marathon.

Sunday was more of a lazy day. We went and ate Cici's, watched I am number Four, and then hung out at her apartment to watch more of the SVU marathon and the Kardashians. :)

I am Number Four review

Monday (yesterday) she had class, so i hung out and watched tv until she came back and then we ate at a new restaurant called The Field House. The food was delish, and quickly made. Best hamburger I've had in a lonnnng time.

I already miss my time there. Unfortunately, I did not get any pics of us together this time. The water in Monroe makes my hair look disgusting, even though I took 4 showers there.
Ridiculously bad hair weekend.

Now i'm back at work. ready to attack another week.
My plan is to work out 6 days this week.
5 more gym visits to go. :)

Until next time,

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