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week SIX.

This week has been pretttty great.
I ordered bio-oil, hair stuff that makes your hair feel like silk, and JWOWW's tanning lotion.
Tried a Power Sculpt class at my gym. Intense workout. Can't wait to do it again tomorrow.
I went out on the town saturday night after having lunch/movie with a friend.
Chili's & The Dilemma started my Saturday off perfectly.
Sunday was a day of rest: relaxing, eating Newks outside, taking a drive to the rez to enjoy the water, and the Grammy's.

I was on a whole 'nother level when I saw Em, Rihanna and Drake perform.
I mean, HOT.

I could watch that performance more than once.
And thanks to Jeremy's dvr, I did just that.

Also, one more shoutout to Live.to.the.point.of.tears.
If you see any great pics on this blog from now on,
they are from her blog.
Just giving credit where credit is due. ;)

Anddd this weekend is the weekend I get to go to Monroe to spend time with my old roomie, Cupit.
3 day weekend.
Hurry upppp.

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