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After work yesterday I went to the gym.
Now I always go to ab classes on monday and I had told myself that I wanted to do some cardio.
Little did I know, that I would have talked myself into a spin class.
Let me tell you, it was the hardest 45 minutes of my entire life.
Even the instructor came over to me (and only me) to ask if I was okay [mostly cause I was about to cry].
Afterwards though, I was encouraged and complimented by a certain lady who said she has been doing spin classes for 5 years and couldn't believe how well I kept up with her in my FIRST class ever.

I feel sore today; but if this ibuprofen kicks in just right, I will be doing Zumba & abs again.
I am trying to get Megan Fox's abs, fyi.
Or Marisa Miller's.
I ain't picky. :)

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