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Good Luck Cassie

There are only a few things in life that I actually believe in:
For example: that God will always love and provide for me, that best friends really are forever, and that I am the female version of this movie above [but without the sex].

For anyone who has not seen this movie here is a quick jist of the plot.
Dane Cook has a curse put on him by a witch-crafty little girl when they were kids. She said "you will never find love, every girl will fall for the next person after you."  Basically, you can date them, but they will marry the next person they date.

Now let's see; I have had four boyfriends my entire life.
One is married to the girl right after me;
and the other 3 are dating girls [two long-term] that are the girls right after me.
I talked to a guy for about 4 months and he just got engaged to the girl that was after me.
I had a guy tell me he would come visit me as soon as he could; we texted for forever and then all of a sudden he was engaged.
Seeing a pattern here? I hope so.

I could chalk this up to being a coincidence but really, I'm not. I am just waiting for the last 3 to say "yes" so I can write a book.

When that day comes, Laura Marie and bblove I will need your assistance. :)

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