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needs to be pinched, i think i'm still dreaming.

This weekend surpassed all of my expectations.
I did not expect to see Red Riding Hood Friday night.
I did not expect to meet Vinny from the Jersey Shore on Saturday night.
And I sure as hell did not expect to fall twice on Sunday in public.

How did I meet Vinny?
Well thank you for asking.

When Kristin told me about it earlier this week, I'll be honest at first I did not believe her but then I looked it up online and it was legit.
So Saturday me and Kristin left around 3 to head to starkville.
After eating sweet peppers for the second time that day; we got ready and went to state theater.
I'm just randomly standing around with my friends when all of a sudden, a friends' sister grabs me and says "hey, we are going on stage in the vip section"; i did not believe her. but sure enough, we did. and about 30 mins later, i hear screaming. Vinny had come out. We broke through the crowd on stage and got to go up to him once the security guards took a pms pill.
He reached out to shake my hand and said "nice to meet you" and smiled. I said "nice to meet you too" and died a little.

I know you won't believe me unless I show you pics so here ya go:

Me and Kristin headed to State Theater

Me and Clairebear.

the back of his head on the right.

close enough to touch him. but can't cause of the security. redic.


Now Sunday was a completely different story.
5 hours of sleep, car ride back, rushing to a bridal shower, and then wearing 6 inch heel wedges to the movies was enough to make me a little wobbly, literally.
I fell twice in the movie theater parking lot. and people saw me. lots of people. Oh well, I laughed at myself; only way to go.

Here is the dress I rented from the runway:

Feeling like Kim Kardashian

I'm completely over-dressed.

Me and the Bride

Kristin and the Bride, Kerri.

So friends, that was the spark-notes version of my weekend.
I would tell you everything; but honestly you had to be there to understand all the tears from laughing so hard.
I hope everyone had an equally great weekend, seriously. :)


  1. Sounds like you had a great weekend girl! You look great! I love the dress what do you mean rented from runway? Do tell! :)

  2. Hey girl! After reading another girl's blog she talked about a website called, renttherunway.com. And I am hooked now! Send me your email address and I will send you an invite! :)


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