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Over the past couple weeks I have had a strange feeling. That strange feeling is also known as happiness, joy, or bliss to some people.
I cannot tell you how it happened or when or why...but dear friends, it is great.
Even with tragedy going on in Japan and just the daily grind, [I hurt for the Japanese and everyone affected by it] but I still find myself smiling at the most random times, for no reason.

Maybe this feeling is hormonal.
Caused by my endorphins. Cause trust me, I have clearly been releasing those.
4 days in the gym this past week and then I walked at 2 parks yesterday. [and went swinging on the swingset....it felt awkward, but i could not get a smile off of my face.]

Exercise has become a part of my weekly routine. We are starting the Biggest Loser at my work on April 1st and I cannot wait! I need some extra motivation on the couple days out of the week I don't feel like making the drive to the gym.
There will be a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners after 12 weeks. I am already taking a multivitamin every day, working out 4x a week, so the thing thats really missing is a healthy, well-balanced diet.  Oh food, I think that you might be the toughest challenge of all. ;)

Also: Justin Timberlake is now single. That's probably another reason I'm smiling. Haha.

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