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So far in 2011...

I know it is only March 9th, but I feel that I should recap some mah-jor things that have gone on so far (yes I just quoted Rachel Zoe).
  • I ran walked my first 5K.
  • Visited Memphis, TN [never been before]
  • Joined a gym, a real legit-class taking-gym.
  • Been anonymously mentioned on live.to.the.point.of.tears and feel like I have found a new blog friend in her :)
  • gained 5 followers (kudos to you people)
  • started off wedding season just right; bring on the rest.
  • figured out that I could play pandora at work and now I only listen to the Hootie and the Blowfish station.
  • tried my first spin class & power sculpt class (and have never been pushed like that physically before)
  • have successfully paid my first 2 loan payments with no parental help.....this one is gonna take a while :]

What have you accomplished so far in 2011 that is different from your everyday routine?

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