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That time I went out of the country...

In November of 2007, I did something very out-of-character.
I traveled with 5 of my college dancer friends to Rome, Italy for the American All Star trip.
It was hands down the scariest, most thrilling thing I have ever done.

Countless hours practicing our dances in a foreign country, being sick and not being able to perform at the school, buying Prada purses in an alley, almost buying a Gucci ring, the best gelato i've ever tasted, taking in all the magnificent eye-catching buildings are just a FEW of the things that happened in that week.

Here are some pictures:

Packing my entire life into one bag.

Goofing off in the New Orleans Hotel.

Getting ready to get on the plane in NO.  Bridget's first time on a plane.

The first picture I took of the Coliseum. Did not get to go in it.

My favorite picture. It looks like a postcard.

"The building with the hole in it" is how I remember this.

My one moment of photography skills.

Me and Bridget in downtown Florence, maybe?

All 6 of us leaving one of the Churches in Rome.

Our hotel.
You will never guess what it was called...
totally American.

I will admit something: the minute I got into that hotel room I called my parents and cried/begged to go home. By the night before we came home -- I did not want to leave.
Just comes to show that when you take a chance, you never know how it is going to turn out....and most of the time, it turns into something beautiful.

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  1. Wow, what an amazing trip! haha that's crazy about the Best Western
    Gorgeous blog


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