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The Biggest Loser is...

Today is the first day of the Biggest Loser competition here at my work.
I had to weigh in this morning (before I ate or drank anything) and i was 160.2 pounds.
One hundred and sixty = I am not happy.

I have never been small from as far back as I can remember. Never been a zero or a two.
In high school, when I became a dancer I lost 17 pounds in one summer.
I got down to 130 pounds.

130 would be great. 
125 would be even better.
I will be happy with 130 because I know that it is realistic.
I now know I need to make some changes for a better me,
and I think this competition will give me the motivation to actually do it.
Because we will weigh in every Friday morning for the next 12 weeks.

So my faithful bloggie friends, please do me one favor: pray for me and encourage me when you can to keep up the good work. I will be leaving updates on here when I feel like I am starting to lose focus/or had a really great weigh in. :) 

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  1. You can do it girl and just think - I can't wait to be the size you are now! hahah if you need any great food ideas I have tons.. its really changing how you eat and working out which you already do! I weigh every Friday morning too.. good luck! :)


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