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BL recap: Week 4

Attention Everyone: I am not that size in the pic above. not even close.
Actually, according to my weekly weigh in: I gained .4 pounds this week.
I guess when I asked the question "to eat or not to eat (frozen yogurt)" I should have done the latter.

One of my coworkers told me its muscle.
This was my gym schedule this week:

Monday: Yoga (for an hour)
Tuesday: Abs (15-minute intense class) and Zumba (45 min class)
Wednesday: Abs (15 min) and Powersculpt (45 min class)
Thursday: Abs and Zumba (again)

So....should I blame it on a tiny bowl of non-fat yogurt [with okay a few m&m's and marshmellows] or chalk it up to the fact that my body wants to become The Rock?

Oh and to brighten my day I have been featured in an online magazine. But I can't view it at work.
But maybe you can. Check it out here: http://www.thevioletonline.com/
Totally not an ideal Friday.

But things will get better; It's called Good Friday for a reason.
I just wanted to vent my frustration for a second. :)

Happy Easter to you.
Yes, you.


  1. I wish I was as dedicated as you! I want so badly to go back to bikram yoga, but I get so scared hahah I only took my bf once, then he vowed never to go back lol
    I would agree with your coworker and say it's muscle :)

  2. Bree, I have not been back to that yoga class since. Annddd I get scared thinking about going back to a spin class.


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