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My middle name is RANDOM.

Oh how I long to be on a boat in a huge lake soon
(like i was in the picture above).

I sent out 14 candy-grams today at work (to raise money for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer walk) and made those 14 people smile.
Consequently, I smiled too. ;)

Today is "Walk Wednesday" at my work for the Biggest Loser Competition.
So I walked around the Capitol for the first time today with 2 co-workers and loved it.

Has many new goodies to buy at the grocery store to start eating healthier.
Starting with cooking Egg Mini Muffins off of Quite Contrary's blog.
That's right, I am going to cook/bake.

I also signed up on http://www.loseit.com/ today, thanks to Lila, to start my calorie counting off right.
However, I think I am also going to buy a notebook and literally write all of the calories down, because websites never get the exact calorie right for the things I eat.

I am also trying to decide what I want for my birthday from my parents.
I am thinking workout gear: new shoes (maybe easytone's; some workout clothes; or even a watch that tells how high my heart rate is.)

Still thinking about what I could give as a giveaway to gain more blog followers...

Seriously, if your reading this and your not already a follower,
just click that follow button on the left side of the screen.
I would def smile bigger than anyone receiving a candy-gram.


  1. love lose it! i used to use it all the time! but i agree, sometimes its easier to just write things down in a notebook.

    highly recommend lululemon workout clothes (i know they're pricey but they make workouts so much more enjoyable!)


  2. I have been seeing that lulelemon word around the blog-o-sphere so I will definitely be checking that out! Thanks girl! :)


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