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weekend & a giveaway.

This weekend I get the privelage of hanging out with these two ladies.
And more friends, but these two I will see first on Friday.


On the agenda for this weekend:
travel to State (again) for SBW (Super Bulldog Weekend) and have an absolute fabulous time.
Seriously, what's better than having a weekend packed of just laughing, riding around and spending time with your friends that you haven't seen in a while?
Nothing, i tell ya.....nothing.

I am also anxiously awaiting to see La Mia Vita's next post about who is going to win her Body Shop Giveaway...if not me, then I will just try for her next one that she just posted. :]

and I am thinking of doing a giveaway myself. hmm...

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  1. have so much fun! It's always the best when friends reunite.


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