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Update on the last few days:
I lost 2.4 pounds on Friday and I probably gained back those 2.4 pounds on Friday. And then added more on Saturday and hold on, yeah, even more on Sunday.
It is absolutely ridiculous how much food I ate this weekend in Starkville.
I had such a good time though.  Spending time with friends, drinking wine and watching a maroon/white football game is exactly what I needed.
That second trip to the yogurt place is not what I needed.
Oh well.
You live. You learn. You get your ass butt in the gym. :)

Us girls before going shopping.

Met up with my bff at the Amphitheater, introduced her to my wine.

Me, Colleen, and Kristin getting ready to get the heck out of the lame concert.
and go eat.

I also learned this morning that I am in 11th place in the lineup for the biggest loser.
After the weekend I've had, I consider myself at the bottom.
Hope everyone's weekend was as "filling" as mine. ;)

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