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"Runner's high" is JUST an expression so far....

Last night was Kara's Graduation. from High School.
She graduated with Honors, in the Top Ten (#7 to be exact) of her class,
and I am EXTREMELY proud of her.

Earlier yesterday, I signed up/registered for just a little something.
Just a HALF marathon. Ya know, since I'm a runner...........NOT.
I have printed off the Couch to 5K training guide and Hal Hidgdon's 10 weeks to a half marathon training guide.
It is the St. Jude Marathon in downtown Memphis on December 3rd.
I have 6 short months to prepare.

In other news: Lila finally got a blog!!

I am so happy that I could convince her to make one.
I'm just kidding; I am sure what convinced her was me telling her to check out:
I am obsessed with this girl's blog, seriously. (Thank you Terri for telling me about it).
It will be ONE of my motivating factors throughout this entire process.

To check out Lila's blog, go to:


  1. You can do it girl! Skinnyrunner has dissapeared fishing but read the past ones they are great!


  2. I've signed up for a Half Marathon Relay in November; I thought I was crazy! :) I'm working through week 3 of my 5K101 program and hoping to bridge over to the 10K program at the end of July. That leaves me a couple of more months to take on another mile or two so that I don't die doing my half of the 13.1 miles! :)

    I found your blog via SR this morning. It's encouraging to read her things but even more so to see that someone else is out there in my shape. I have a soon-to-be third grader that has participated in 4 5Ks since February; her first run three weeks after joing the run club at her elementary school. She wants momma to run with her so momma is training.

    Good luck to you!


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