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Since I've turned 24...

I have just now slowed down long enough to make a post.
Would you like an update on my life?
If you do, read on.
  • I began to hang out with a hottie and then it fell apart. like it always does.
  • I got my first shot in my ass (cause I got sick).
  • On Sunday, I was down to 154.2. (Thats 6 pounds if you have kept up since the beginning of April).
  • I will register for a HALF marathon tomorrow. Excited/scared to death doesn't even begin to cover it.
  • I have learned at least 2 new things at work thanks to my very patient, understanding co-worker.
  • Saw "Something Borrowed" and looooved it.
  • Bought "Lies Chelsea Has Told Me" and the Something Borrowed book. Have not read a page in either one yet. I think I will save them for the beach. in six days.
  • Added Step Up 3, Morning Glory and The Social Network to my growing movie collection.

and this movie came on again this weekend.
and I fell in love all over again with b-b-b-bbenny and the jets. :)


  1. I read 'Something Borrowed' on one train ride - it was so good! It will be the perfect book for a beach weekend.

  2. Sam, I have to admit that I still have not read it. And I carry it around in my bag with me. I'm ridiculous. :)

  3. Have you read Chelsea's other books? They are hilarious. My favorite is My Horizontal Life. So funny!

  4. @Saraunderwater: I have read all 3 of the other chelsea books and I absolutely love them! Had me laughing at my desk at work...I hope to one day write a book as funny as Chelsea's :)


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