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A special type of giveaway...

So there is another giveaway.
And I really want to win this one.
It is a personal gift from Camilla at Champagne Bubbles, and I think she's great. She actually tweets me back and placed me in the first issue of their awesome magazine.

So please do me a favor. Check out her blog and The Violet.
"Like" the Violet on facebook.
and follow them on twitter.
Do it all, you won't be sad you did. :)


  1. psst, love bug, wanted to tell you we're gonna have another Violet Style giveaway on The Violet blog soon :)

    lots of loveee and thank you for being the best supporter ever.

  2. Ahh, well thank you for giving me the best compliment all week. Can't wait to try again! :)


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