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Birthdays are just as fun a MONTH later.

I got my SKINNYRUNNER shirts in the mail today. I put my DON'T STOP shirt on as soon as I got home from the tanning bed. and went running. duh.
(not for long, 20 mins in MS = 45 hours on Jupiter) or whichever planet is the hottest.

I had an interview this morning for a new position at my work. I am praying that I get it. If I don't, it won't be the end of the world. 

I have started to realize that I hate my camera. It's pixels are not as great as my friends' cameras....so I didn't even take pictures this weekend on the coast.  But i did get tagged on facebook so here you go my friends: 

Our sweet friends Anna and Colleen made Kristin and I the cutest little cake. ohh, and mini cupcakes but we ate them all.

Making a wish.

Me and Bridget before we hit up the casino...
By the way, we got cards the minute we walked into the Island View. My card had TEN free dollars on it.
I lost the 10 dollars in 10 minutes. We left after that.

Bridget, Me, Kristin and Colleen before dinner.

Me looking gross and Colleen looking great.
Don't make this pic bigger, I mean it.

That would be all of our feet on my legit Jersey Shore towel.

I absolutely love my girls to death.
I want to thank Anna for being such a great hostess. I can't get over how she was able to handle the 4 of us, and still make time for all the other events she had to go to.
I hope to see her again soon. seriously.

That's my weekend folks.
Lila is coming down Friday. We are going to wear our skinnyrunner shirts and take pics and eat. eat. eat. oh and maybe run, ya know the reason she is coming down here.

I already have mental blocks about running this half marathon.
You readers have any advice for me?

Even though my shirt says DON'T STOP, I did.

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