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Single Ladies...

This is what I did Friday night, most of the day on Saturday, and for 5 hours on Sunday. So you can tell that Monday behind a desk for 8 hours was not as fun.

I cannot get over how great/relaxing this weekend was at the Mansion. Meeting up with Nicole on Saturday for lunch and watching Bad Teacher on Sunday night was just icing on the rich cake.

Me and Jen-Jen

Me and Jer-bear

The hot tub with the waterfall.

My towel. :)

The other side of the pool area.

I had so much fun with my friends this weekend.
From eating to swimming, we were always laughing about something.

We now have some new inside jokes and I cherish each time I spend with Jeremy, Jen and Kittycat.

Saturday night, I became obsessed with a new tv show; like I needed another one.

VH1 Single Ladies...
I lovelovelove this show.
Watched the first 4 episodes on dvr Satruday night and I am now currently watching the newest one.

This single lady has got to learn from the other ones out there...
My monday nights are now complete. :)


  1. Your weekend looks awesome! I hope to be laying pool side by Friday :)

    And is that a Jersey Shore towel! haha

  2. Ah yes, it is definitely a GTL towel. I could not pay for that towel fast enough. :) I hope your weekend is fun! :)


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