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A Special Kind of Friendship...

You ever had one of those friendships where you only meet up a few times a year but the minute you are together it's like nothing has changed? You just go right back to where you left off?
Well that's how it is with me and my good friend, Nicole.

I am shy and I don't talk much (when I was in school). 
Nicole and I were in the same American Literature I class at Hinds community college our freshman year.
We sat about 2 feet from each other and never spoke for a while, maybe the whole semester.
The next semester rolled around and we had American Literature II together, and that's when we were like "were you in my last class? oh you were? okay lets become best friends."

And we did just that. Here is a lookback on some of our dinner dates.

Me Casper and Nicole at O'Charleys

Olive Garden for my 21st birthday

Olive Garden for Nicole's 21st birthday

Us again at Olive Garden this year(?) I think. We reallllly love our salad and breadsticks.

Us at Sweet Peppers, not Olive Garden.
This past Saturday before I went back to the Mansion.

Nicole has a special place in my heart.
She makes time to spend with her dearest friends even when her boyfriend lives miles away for work.
I know one day she will be moving off for good, so I cherish each lunch/dinner I have with her to catch up about life.
She is also in the works of making herself a blog.
Keep a lookout in the blogosphere people. :)

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  1. Those kind of friendships are the best!! I love that feeling where even if you haven't talked in ages, nothing has changed and it feels like you just talked yesterday.

    PS...I love the Olive Garden too! I went there all the time in college with my girl friends and even worked there for 2 years.


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