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Sweating to the BONE....fish.

This weekend has been WONDERFUL so far, and it's only Saturday afternoon.
Around 6 pm yesterday, Lila came down to visit and we went straight to feed our growling stomachs.

I made my mom take this picture. and I also would not put down my new Coach purse.

Loved everything about dinner @ Bonefish, except for our HOT waiter being married. boo.

Me and Lila after our hour sweat fest at the park.
Note: never decide to go running at 10:00 a.m. again.
In MS, ten in the morning is like 12 o'clock on the Equator.

OH, I forgot to add a little cutie on here.
Last week, my bff Jeremy had to dog-sit for his boss.
It was a hard job taking care of little Zoey.  While I was around, all she did was look cute, not bark, peed only on her puppy pad, and look cute. Hard life I tell ya. 

And yes, that is an Auburn shirt I'm wearing.
I rep that school at least 3x a week and I have never stepped foot on their campus.
I also wouldn't be able to point it out on a map.


  1. Haha that pup is tooo cute! Love the shirts too! I might have to get one now!

  2. I just found your blog through SR! What a cute site you have :) I can't wait to read more. I'm also new to the world of running and plan to do my first half in December. I recently finished Couch to 5K which was an amazing program. Now I'm doing the 10K program. I just hope I can do the half without dying!!

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  4. I just found your blog from Skinny Runner too. I love your blog, you're so cute. I am also training to run my first half in October I am doing the NWM. Bone Fish is so good - there bang bang shrimp is my favorite.

  5. Running at 10 am? This time of year? Noooo thank you! You're a brave soul.


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