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YOUR presence is appreciated, more than you know.

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Yesterday, I did just this.
I could not stop smiling; everytime I logged in I saw my # of followers get higher.
I cannot thank each of you enough for stopping by my page.
I plan on contacting each one of you back personally and checking out yall's blogs!!

I went from 11 followers to 40 in one day.
SR's blog is business.

Thankyouthankyouthankyou! :)

And it might take me a little while because I have a packed weekend.
Mostly laying poolside at a mansion tomorrow. Seriously. :)



  1. Laying poolside at a mansion? Not fair. It's been raining in CT for the past three days!

  2. so happy for you sweet girl!!! you're the best.

  3. I love finding new blogs to read! Yours is super cute. :)

  4. where are you from? I noticed the y'all and thought - ok, she must be near me. Are you from Alabama (i saw the auburn shirt) or GA? I'm in greenville, sc :)

  5. Found you from Skinny Runny. I myself have decided to do a halfmarathon and am a super beginner runner! you can do it! Can't wait to read more about you

  6. Hey girls! I am so glad yall found my page!
    @wendiw80: I live in Jackson, MS. That is why I say yall :)


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