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Happy 4th of July, or 3rd.

I am back home tonight from my little mini-vacation to the lakehouse in Louisiana.
It is July 3rd, by the way.

I had a great time with my bff, Jeremy and his family.
Waking up at 10 am, eating breakfast (which was Dr. Pepper and powdered donuts); hanging out, eating lunch; going out on the lake for hours, coming back in and eating, and then watching tv while eating some more.

**To all my runner friends: I packed my running shoes and they never were taken out of my bag. I think I also have 150-something days before my half-marthon. I have GOT to get it together.

Did I mention that I ate a lot? If I didn't here is proof:

I love love love deviled eggs. Seriously, I think I left 3 for the rest of the family to eat AND there is 6 of them.

More pictures:

Lake Bruin

The pier that I got a little tan [aka sweatfest] on before taking the boat out on Saturday

Jeremy and Jon Cole

"Take another one Cassie"

Waiting on the rest of our crew...

Just my relaxation spot for one and a half days.

Jon Cole waiting on me to count.


I apologize for how big my thighs are.
Guess I should have put on those running shoes after all.

How was your 3rd or 4th of July??

Oh, BIG news:
When I reach 50 Followers, I am having a giveaway.
You people are gonna want to stay tuned, it's gonna be a gift from me personally.
I am thinking of ideas, nothing is finalized.........yet.
But I have 46 followers now [BIG thanks to SkinnyRunner] and I only need 4 more for the giveaway.

So tell your friends about me people.
I am not that great, but everyone needs a good laugh now and then.

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