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Sorry I've been MIA, and not in MIAMI.

So I just wanted to check in with you guys while I'm on another mini-vacation.
My mom has been dying to go to the beach for a while now and even counted down a couple days this week.  "Cass we only have 2 more days of work before the beaccchhhh." Okay, Mom I get it."

But not seriously, this is where I have been:

Nothing super fancy, just Gulf Shores, AL.

I really am having a great time.
It was nice to take off the whole day yesterday from work and just chill with my mom and sister.
And by chill, I mean we do this:

We are SOMETIMES serious.

I'm ridiculous and I know it.

but my sister's face in this one explains it all.

These pictures were taken around 7:40 last night.
We finally got to sit down and eat a meal about 9:40 last night.
Needless to say we were starving and my one margarita tasted damn good.

Today at the beach has been sub-par.
It has been cloudy all day and has rained twice.
We put our walgreen beach chairs down around 12 pm
and got chilly around 3:30 pm.
So we left.
Now we are getting ready to go eat at a cute little place called Cosmo's.
I ate at this place for the first time back in May and I have been thinking about their chicken alfredo pasta ever since.
Don't you worry Cosmo's, Cassie is coming.

Remember to post a comment about the giveaway if you haven't already.
I will be using www.random.org to pick the winner so it will be legitt and what-not.
I have loved reading all of your responses...seems we all have different ways we need to unwind, and some of us use wine. Much love. :)

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