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I have to get ready and run out the door,
but I just wanted to let you know what today is.

Besides my title it is TRUE BLOOD MARATHON day!

I know that I am SUPER late on this but I am OBSESSED.
My best friend Jeremy and I watched 2 episodes of the 1st season when we went to the lake a couple weeks ago...
and over the past few weeks we have only been watching it together.

We have designated that each Sunday be True Blood Sunday from now on.
Absolutely, fine with me.

anddd I think we will be finishing Season 1 tonight!
Can't wait to see what Sooki gets into tonight.

My absolute favorite part of Season one so far is when Sooki said:
"Billll, this is NOT a dayyyte."
Her accent kills me and I love it. :)

Happy True Blood Sunday or whatever you watch today!!


  1. LOVE True Blood. I have read all the books and we have HBO just so we can watch it. Sunday is when the new ones come on : )

  2. Girl.. you are SOOOO late! Sundays are made for this show.. It's the only reason they exist! hahaha. If you want to REALLY get addicted start reading the books there are now 9 of them and they are FANTASTIC!

    I'm so jealous that you have 4 seasons of TrueBlood to catch up on and watch for the first time back to back... ahhh as you can tell im obsessed!


  3. haha girls I know I am soo late!

    and Terri, I just had a feeling you were going to leave a comment on here! and congrats again on being in The Violet! :)


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