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I have been an awful blogger.
The one thing that is missing from my life: BALANCE.
This is the first day this day this week that I have not been out doing something,
or so tired that all I want is a bubble bath and sleep.

So here are some updates on my life people:

Since being promoted at work, things have gotten a lot more stressful. No idea when someone is going to take over my old job, so right now I am doing both.

Workouts have been non-existent.
I know, I know guys. "Cassie, you should be getting it together. The half-marathon is only a few months away. Your not gonna be ready if you keep it up."  
I have told myself ALL of these things and more. 
But guess what? I went running/walking tonight.
For about 30 mins in 110 degree weather.
I feel better and that's all that matters.
I plan on walking/running 2 more times before Sunday.

I'm also doing Zumba 2x this week. I do that pose, but not as great as the 87 year old lady. You go, Grandma; you go.

This is not what I wore tonight. But you get the point.
A blog ain't nothin without some pictures.

Besides work and not working out, let's talk about my skin.
It is a disaster. I have broken out around my forehead and chin.
I brought Proactiv a month ago. Then on Monday I noticed that they charged me for a second month in a row so....
Cassie has canceled Proactiv.
But I am going to use what I've got. Which when UPS gets here, is gonna be a lot.

Let's see what else...
Oh yeah, I am throwing one of my best friend's a bridal shower in 3 weeks.
Alumni Hi-Stepper schedule just got sent to me in the mail - Practices every Sunday are about to start up.

I need to find a balance.
What do you do to find yours?


Winner will be announced Monday for the giveaway. I still have to figure out what I'm going to "give" away. :)


  1. My life feels a little crazy right now, too. I keep trying to take time for myself, but it seems like my schedule gets piled high by the time each weekend rolls around!

  2. Exactly Lisa! I need to learn how to just take a moment and breathe.


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