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6 weeks a year...

Most of you do not know something about me, or maybe you do (if you stalk  read everything I've typed on here since day one.

Well, I'm a dancer.
I have been kicking my legs above my head since July of 2005.
That was the month I became a Hinds Hi-Stepper.
I cannot express how much those months as a Hi-Stepper changed my life.
Looking back, it is a HUGE part of who I am today.

That is why I have become part of the Alumni Hi-Steppers and we perform at the Homecoming game each year.
This will be my second year to perform and I.cannot.wait.

Me and the Mrs. Angela
(I would not be the person I am today if I had not met her)

Just a handful of my girls.
From left to right behind me:
Trish, Kasey, Deidre, Bridget and Deidre.

No that is not a typo, there are seriously 2 Deidre's.
The year that I was captain, we had FOUR Deidre's. Roll call was fun that year. :)


What is something in college that changed your life, for the better?

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