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Hostesses with the Mostest...

When I say this past weekend was a success, I mean it.

Let me back up a second:
I took Friday off work to get my hair done and to make my way down to Laurel, MS.
After taking Colleen out for her graduation lunch I promised her, we did a little shopping and then hung out until Lila got off work.
Friday night was full of shopping and cooking. Lila did all the cooking and I did the decorating.


**I want to say a special thanks to Ashley, without her; this blog post would be non-existent.
Thanks again for being the photographer!**  :)

Here are some pictures from the BIG day (well I considered it a big day)

Colleen's flowers we found the morning of (purple and orange) and the last invite from Jaymee in a frame.

The mason jar idea I got from Nicole's page.
She also told me where to find the cute orange polka-dotted straws.
Thanks again, Nicole!

Mr. Garnett and soon to be Mrs. :)

The cupcake/candy/party favor table

Colleen's signature cupcakes Lila made.
And I did the flags.

The frame that says:

The "Future Mrs. Garnett" Cupcake:

Beauty (butter)
Friendship (flour)
Sweetness (sugar)
Humor (egg)

Mix all these ingredients together and you get one unforgettable cupcake.

Underneath the picture it said:

*limited edition cupcake*
**only available to 10.22.2011**
(that is her wedding date)


Next up: Opening Gifts

The 'around the clock' theme was an excellent idea.
She got a LOT of things she needed for her new home.


Pictures after the shower was over:

Colleen's face is my favorite in this one.

Me and the Bride.

And if you haven't figured it out by now, Colleen's colors are PURPLE and ORANGE.
Still need some proof; here you go:

Just our outfits matched.
No big deal. :)

I cannot express how blessed I am to have met Colleen, Lila, and her parents. 
Her mom has told me more than once "Cassie just fits into our family. She is like my 3rd daughter."
I cherish each time I have with them.  I feel like myself when I am with them.
You don't get that comfortable with just anybody, so when you find it: keep it.
Even though Colleen has now moved up to Tupelo, I feel like we are only a car ride away from each other..
I cannot wait for these next couple months.
We are going to have a great time.
I just know it.


  1. you certainly are a hostest with the mostest!! it turned out so cute!! love the mason jar, the framed invite, and the fact that you and lila wore purple and orange. too cute!

  2. Aww thanks Jaymee! I am now following you on twitter as of 20 seconds ago. :)


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