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Summer may be over, but my FUN has just begun.

Before Single Ladies my favorite show comes on, I wanted to let yall know what I have going on the next few months, ya know if you were curious as to why I don't post very often.

This birthday girl (last week) is coming down this weekend to see me.
She is my other half for this bridal shower we are throwing NEXT weekend. Eeek!
We have so so so so so much stuff to get finalized before the big day shower gets here...

We have invited 32 people and only one person has said they cannot come so far.
I am really really really wanting this shower to be the best.
It is my first shower to throw someone EVER.
and it is the bride's first shower ever.

So that covers the first 2 weekends in August.

Next big event:
Claire's BACHELORETTE Party!!
September 9-11!

I am going to let yall in on a little something:
I have never been to New Orleans.
Yes, I only live a couple hours away and I have never been.

It seems that I will be going two times this year.
Once in a month and then at the end of the year. Why in December?
Oh, no biggie.
Just going to my FIRST Saints game!!!!


Sorry, back to the girlie things:

So New Orleans for my first legit bachelorette party. EVER.
(Are yall sensing a pattern here?)

Two weeks after that (Sept. 23-25) will be a freakishly busy weekend.
I say that with enthusiasm because I will be attending Claire's big day 4 hours away from Jackson, Brailyn's 3rd birthday party and somehow make it to our last Hi-Stepper practice before the Homecoming game!
Whew...I am already tired thinking about it.

I don't want to make this post too long....if you are still reading this, props to you.
I will def make more posts about upcoming events but just know that in October I am trying all of these events: 
  • the play, Wicked 
  • Anna's baby shower
  • Colleen's bachelorette party
  • Colleen's WEDDING day!! 
  • Halloween parties

I really do have a LOT to look forward to.
I cannot wait to experience all of it with my girls and report back to you, faithful reader.
Yes, YOU.

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