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Things I am CURRENTLY loving...

The first thing I must let each of my followers know about is THIS:


When I tell you that this blog is the funniest thing to read at your desk in an office setting, it is.
It is written from the viewpoint of Suri Cruise and it is the best thing you will read today. Trust me.

Just click here: Suri's Burn Book

and see this hot mess in action:

"Pardon my sensible flats. I was not expecting to be photographed at the market. Clearly, Katie wasn’t planning on being seen, either." -Suri


Next up on your must see is a new television show that hooked me in (of course it did):

This would be:

Russian Dolls is a reality show I stumbled across last weekend over at a friend's parents house.  It randomly came on and it is about a handful of Russian women and their lives in Brighton Beach.

It was a mini-marathon that day and I have googled to see times and it says Thursdays on Lifetime at 10:30/9:30 Central...but, that interrupts my Jersey Shore time so these girls will be on the back burner.

But I love them already!!


Last but not least, what I am REALLY loving is my pool day on Saturday with my girls.
Kristin and Kasey.

We soaked up the sun and then caught a movie last night.
Watched the Katie Holmes' flick. Suri's mom.

NEVER doubt my ability to make a blog post come full circle.


  1. omg - i can't even handle that blog, ridiculous. now obsessed.

  2. I am also following @surisburnbook on twitter. The minute they tweet, I have to go read the post. Love it.


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