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Toddlers & Tiaras Meets The Craft

Today friends, this is NOT Cassie.
This is Kathleen of Carrie Bradshaw Lied and I am honored to have a guest post on Always A Blogsmaid!

Today I'm going to give you a little taste of the type of serious blogging you can find if you choose to follow me on Carrie Bradshaw Lied.

While relaxing on my sofa on a particular lazy Sunday afternoon, I came across a Toddlers & Tiaras marathon.


Meet Satan's baby girl, MaKenzie.

Is it just me or does this little starling remind you a wee bit of the demon-possessed Nancy, star of The Craft (and if you've never seen the craft, you must not have ever watched the fine programming on TBS.....in the past 10 years)?

Meet MaKenzie here

See her 'older sister' Nancy here

I think these two might have a little something in common, no?

For the record, if I have a child like MaKenzie...I would probably sell her (kidding! I know that's illegal, guys), give her away, auction her off OR the ultimate horror of all horrors...take her crowns away from her and WEAR THEM MYSELF!!!




I want to thank Kathleen (aka Kittycat) for being my FIRST guest blogger EVER.
Her blog never ceases to amaze me.  Most of you do not know this but Kathleen is the reason I started a blog to begin with.  I wanted to be more like this friendly, funny, former beauty queen fashionista.

So go check out her page and follow her. Seriously.
It's not like you don't know the link by now.
Okay, okay. Here it is again: http://www.carriebradshawlied.com/

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  1. Cass I don't deserve your kind words!!! Thank you so much for allowing me to guest post! :) Can't wait for my readers to get a little peek of Always a Blogsmaid on Monday!!!


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