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An Update of Sorts...

I know I have not been a great blogger.
I am here now though, and that is all that matters.

I wanted to give you an update on my life, sort-of...

A few weeks ago, Lila drove up at the last minute so we could go to Fleet Feet.
Our experience there was so much fun.
We tried on shoe after shoe after shoe....but guess what?

We both ended up with hot-pink Adidas' with pink inserts.
We dropped like $200 in there that Saturday and now our bank accounts are paying for it.

My foot and then Lila's foot.

Two Mondays ago, my bff Brooke and I decided we would support a friend at her first day at work.
At Hooters.
I have never ever ever been inside a Hooters.
We ordered hamburgers and did not even have our friend (the whole reason we went up there) serve us.

Want to make it more awkward? We both got offered JOBS 15 minutes into being there.
What................an experience.

Short shorts and fingernail polish.

Do what you do, girlfriend.

Last night, I went out to dinner with 2 of my girls.
We went to eat Mexican and have margs. Duh.

Kristin is ALL about some Germ-X.
And so when she pulled out her new bottle, of course I had to save it to the memory card. :)


I will be making at least 2 more posts.
So be on the lookout people.
Things are gonna get good upinherrre. ;)

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