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Feeling Light-headed? You have the FLU.

Tomorrow is Thursday, September 29th.
It is also the Homecoming Game for Hinds Community College.
Last year on this day, I was wearing this:

This year on September 29th, I will be crying alone in my room.
Because someway, somehow I have the frickin' FLU.

Some may ask:
Do you have a fever? Nope.
Do you feel bad/sore anywhere/achy? Nope.
Do you even have a cold/runny nose? Nope.
Nada. Nothing.

Then how do I have the flu? That is a good question, my friends. A really good question and I do not have the answer.

Let me back up and tell you about my weekend.

This past Friday, I drove up to Tupelo, MS after getting a gel manicure/regular pedicure.
By the way, a GEL manicure is pretty much the greatest thing ever created in a nail salon.
I cannot get over how great my nails look. No chips, no smudges, nothing. Just Perfection.

Back to the trip. Okay so I drove all the way up to Tupelo by myself with MapQuest directions and a GPS that is a little out-of-date. I made it there fine. Got to Colleen's house and basically chilled all night until me and Lila went to our favorite place to eat. ever.

We love this place. I also crave it once a week.

Saturday, Lila and I had planned on running at 7 a.m. I never received a bbm from Lila so I just went back to sleep.  Colleen came in the guest room around 9:45 and asked if I wanted to get breakfast; I said sure, brushed my teeth and changed out of my pajama pants into some jeans = which translates into I looked like a hot mess.

So after we got breakfast, Colleen had to head to the salon to get ready for Claire's Wedding Day.
All of the bridesmaids, mom's and grandmothers were there to get their hair and makeup done.
They all looked wonderful and I sat on the side, read US Weekly and still looked horrible.

After everyone else looked great, we went to Claire's mom's house for a little brunch.  The photographer came in and started snapping away while we were eating. I obviously tried to hide under the table, since I still haven't had a shower and its already 2:30 in the afternoon. 

I got ready around 4 at Colleen's and went up to the church so Colleen could tease my hair.  (Note: If you ever see my hair done on this blog, it's not me. All i can do is blowdry and brush, and even that isn't great.)

The wedding was absolutely beautiful and the food was DELISH.
The only thing I drank at the wedding was water. And I left with my date, Colleen/Lila's mom around 9.  We went back to Colleen's house, talked and caught up and both went to bed around 11. 
This is where it gets really weird AND the reason for this blog post in the first place:
I got in bed and I always toss and turn until I get comfortable.
Well, when I started to turn over I noticed that my head felt a little funny, like my brain was swimming.  But I didn't think anything about it and just went to sleep.
At 5 a.m. I woke up and felt off balance laying in bed. Not good.
I got up and was stumbling around and almost fell down trying to get to the bathroom.
Literally started freaking out and made myself throw up on and off until 9 am to see if I would feel better.

Lonnng morning.
And what made it worse was that I was sick - in Tupelo - needing to get back home 4 hours away for Alumni Hi-Stepper Pictures & Practice - Brailyn's 3rd Birthday Party. 
Literally, all of my plans were ruined. I could not take pictures and began to cry. 
Around 10:15 I felt good enough to drive, threw up one more time before I hit the road.

Being sick and driving home from Tupelo by myself and having a GPS that was taking me the wrong route ended up giving me a nervous breakdown.  It should only take about 3 hours and 40 minutes to drive home from Tupelo.  I left at 10:15 and did not get home until after 3:30.  I was beside myself with nerves.

Okay, I will just get to the point cause even I'm tired of writing this story.
Monday I woke up and still felt kinda woozy/light-headed.
I went to MEA and they decided they would give me a flu test and draw blood.
I did not feel bad so I was thinking, "well the flu test will be unnecessary."
When the doctor comes back, she tells me that I have Flu B.

I didn't even know there was different strands. I have no fever, but I'm contagious.
I honestly feel like this is a big joke and I am not the one telling it, because it is not funny.
I have just cried randomly since Sunday and I just want all of this to be over. Especially the main symptom, the light-headedness.

I can't dance tomorrow night.
I can't relive all the memories dancing on the football field at HCC.
I have to wait a whole 'nother year.

So if your reading this, I want to say thanks. And the only way I know how is to show you pics from last year, when I was happy. Enjoy.

Good luck tomorrow night girls.
Kick high and proud.
I'll be there in spirit fighting some flu strand that I don't feel that I have.

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