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No LABOR weekend.

A year ago today, I was doing this:

and a YEAR later, I have done a version of this:

I will be honest with each one of you.
I have done NOTHING this entire holiday weekend.
Okay I take that back.  I went to Target yesterday and ate lunch at Newks with my mom today.

But I did have a great Saturday.
Went to a wedding with my bff, Brooke and then ate dinner with Nicole!
Dinner was special because Nicole asked me to be her proxy bride the night before her wedding!!
Umm, EXCITING! I have never been a proxy bride and probably never will be again so awesome.
I hope I do a great job for her BIG day.


I haven't been just "lazy" for no particular reason.

The reason I haven't done anything is because the weather has been raining for the past 3 days and still going at it.  Thanks a lot, Hurrican Lee or whoever you are this week.

I am so over the rain and in 4 days I will be headed to New Orleans, LA.
I have never been and I cannot wait.

Our hotel is one block away from Bourbon street.

I guess whenever I get over being "lazy on a rainy day" I will go pack:

We'll see.

What did you guys do this past weekend?

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  1. going to target is like an awesome adventure in itself! have fun in NOLA!


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