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NOLA (Part one)

If this is your first time reading this blog, welcome.
If it's not, welcome back.

I guess I should be telling myself "welcome back" huh?

Well here I am and guess what?!
I'm in love.
Yes, it is true.
But not with a boy you silly gooses.

With a city. a nonstop, fun-loving CITY.
And this city is known to most people in the world as New Orleans, LA.

Sidenote: As you can see above, this is a PART ONE.
That's right people, I am going to stretch this out.
Mostly because I wanna say "i love nola" a lot and if it's all in one post, y'all will stop reading my blog altogether. Sad, but true.

Oh Bourbon Street. You did not disappoint.

Before I saw the sign on this building, I was like "oooh, I like the colors."
Then, I saw the sign and was like "of course I love that building. sheesh."

Saturday we went shopping.
All I bought was food. (typical)
This picture was taken standing outside of a little boutique where the bride found herself a "side satchel."

There was a wedding getting ready to begin in that church as we walked by.

THE place I had been SO READY to go to.
I had no idea that Cafe Du Monde was so open and you could just go sit down wherever you could find a spot.
I also learned that all the waiters/waitresses were from different countries.
Very interesting, but the beignet was DIVINE.
I want another one.

One beignet and one large Coke please.

After we everyone else shopped til they dropped, we went back to our hotel.
We stayed at the Marriot on Canal Street. Loved it, very convenient and the hotel staff was so nice/helpful.
I should say we just placed our bags at the Marriot because we really did not stay in the hotel very long. 
I think I got 8 to 10 hours the whole 3 days?
Yeah, not great; but.....
When in NOLA, do as the drunk prostitutes do. :)


Coming up in PART TWO:
Our Bachelorette Night Schedule/blooper pictures.


  1. I stayed at the Marriott also when I visited NOLA. I loved it. I was only there one night for a wedding so I am ready to go back. Looks like you had lots of fun! Can't wait to see the other posts.

  2. If you think waitresses from foreign lands are interesting, you should go there really late at night...the waitresses are commonly transvestites! Good times, good times.


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